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My name is Anita and I make soap on a micro-farm outside of Charlotte, NC where I live with my children and husband. I started making soap because I found I had lots of extra fats and goat milk produced by our farm. Having had a life full of skin sensitivity and eczema I found I didn’t react to my homemade soap… and so I made more… I started gifting it, and I made more… then, people started asking if I sold it. I spent years developing a product I loved and found others love it too. I never intended to have a soap business! But, here I am.

You will find my other passions make their way into my soap, from clays (I’m also a potter) to herbs and flowers we’ve grown on the farm (I am a gardener) to inspirations from my travels, the scent or feel of a place I’ve loved.

While we’re at it, you should probably meet our goats, Tina and Rowena. They provide us with all the lovely milk we use to make our creamy goat milk bars.

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